Claus Helfenschneider

Freelance 3D Artist
Direction, Design, Animation, Programming

The Kiss


Claus Helfenschneider The Kiss, 2007 (after Constantin Brancusi)

The Kiss, Auguste Rodin (1888) / The Kiss, Constantin Brancusi (1916) / The Kiss (scribble), Claus Helfenschneider (2007)


Constantin Brancusi shows »Love« through symbolic figures—forming one entity in unity. Brancusi’s sculpture The Kiss (1916) was picked up and transformed into the 21st century.

Around 100 years after Brancusis creation, the sculpture was not only modelled digitally, also its statement has been transformed. The figures turned their backs on each other; there’s conflict and divorce, or just moments when personal privacy is needed.

The sculpture was created using Maya and zBrush.

Doing a clothes-pin instead of the sculpture was another idea to cite/transform the sculpture.

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