Claus Helfenschneider

Freelance 3D Artist
Direction, Design, Animation, Programming

Innovate or GTFO



»Innovate or GTFO«* – inspired by this statement of experimental animation artist David O’Reilly, and based on the works of the early computer artists á la Frieder Nake, Georg Nees and Michael Noll this piece of work emerged — a computer program that generates images with very idiosyncratic aesthetics. It is a balancing act between randomness and control; certain rules and presettings are necessary, but change from picture to picture. Actually it is a quite simple piece of software, but it never generates the same and always an interesting output.

It is an ironic reflection of the thoughts of O’Reilly — the user may lean back and wait; the innovation can be delegated to the computer. Or can’t it?

Additionally, an animation was assembled out of 800 generated images.

*GTFO = »get the fuck out«

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