Claus Helfenschneider

Freelance 3D Artist
Direction, Design, Animation, Programming

Telekom 360° Cloud Arena

Mbox Bewegtbild GmbH

Deutsche Telekom 360° Cloud Arena — Cebit 2013

Cloud Arena is a gesture-controlled prestentation application, spanning over 18 circularly arranged frameless Full-HD displays. MBox Bewegtbild GmbH was in charge for the programming of the multifunctional video-playback-application, a two Microsoft Kinect-powered gesture control software, as well as for the design and implementation of generative (also gesture-controlled) animations, appearing during idle state. In order to navigate the main menu, to browse through the various contents and to start videos, a moderator could either use different swiping gestures or, alternatively, a connected tablet-device running a remote control application.


Touch Application Stills

Production Insights


Client: Deutsche Telekom
Lead Agency: zweimaleins Werbeagentur GmbH
Location: Cebit, Hannover

Role of Mbox: Technical setup & implementation, technical support on site.
Technical Direction, Programming: Claus Helfenschneider
Animation/Production Team at mbox: Daniel Huber, Aristides Hernandez, Claus Helfenschneider, Daniel Helgenberger, Michaela Göllner

Format: 13.824 × 1.366 Pixel, 18 frameless screens
Duration of video content: approx. 50 minutes

All image and video footage by courtesy of Mbox Bewegtbild GmbH and zweimaleins Werbeagentur GmbH.

MBox Project Page

My Role

My role concerned the development of the control applications for the installation. The first one application reads and interprets tracking data of two Microsoft Kinect interfaces through ad hoc implemented gesture recognition algorithms and a control protocol transmission system for the controlling of the main application. The other developed application consists in the remote control application providing for full monitoring and control of the main application. The before mentioned remote control application runs on a touch device and provides functionalities to navigate the menu, to browse available contents and for video playback, including video controls, to browse show times and to edit show scheduling (‘Start next, show in…’) and much more.

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