Claus Helfenschneider

Freelance 3D Artist
Direction, Design, Animation, Programming

Mercedes-Benz – CSC App

Auto China 2012, Beijing, China
Interactive Design

Mercedes-Benz — Concept Style Coupé App @ Auto China

To showcase the world premiere of the new Concept Style Coupé (CSC) at the Mercedes-Benz stand at the Auto China 2012, Mbox created an interactive presentation application for touchscreen-tablet-PC’s and a corresponding visualization for a large-scale LED wall.

Tablet PC’s were mounted on steles next to the turntable presenting the new car, allowing visitors to interactively explore the extravagant features of the automobile. The application on the tablets let the users swipe through different views of the car’s exterior and provided a navigable 360-degree panorama of the interior. Furthermore, the visitors were able to browse and watch movies showcasing the car’s unique features, and take a photo of themselves and email it as an ecard or send it to the 8 meters wide LED screen on the stage.

After the world premiere of the Concept Style Coupé at the Auto China 2012 in Beijing (with a total of 800.000 spectators attending), the multi-language-app was presented on various other motor shows across the world (Autosalon Paris 2012, Motor Show Bologna 2012, …).


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Daimler AG, Mercedes-Benz Cars BC/BP
Atelier Markgraph, Frankfurt am Main
Production: MBox Bewegtbild
Auto China, Beijing, China

Mbox: App Development
Project Type:
Interactive Design
Art Direction:
Henry Hilge (Atelier Markgraph)
VVVV Patching (LED Wall):

Daniel Huber (Mbox)
Technical Direction &
Programming (App):

Claus Helfenschneider (Mbox)

Platform: Samsung Tablet PC, Windows 7

All image and video footage by courtesy of Mbox Bewegtbild GmbH and Atelier Markgraph.

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