Claus Helfenschneider

Freelance 3D Artist
Direction, Design, Animation, Programming

CubemapWindow (Maya)

Host Software:
Autodesk Maya


CubemapWindow is a mel script that creates a GUI for real-time previewing the output of a 6-camera-setup. The script was originally created and used in a 360°-production called “Grid”, shown at the Expo 2010 in Shanghai.


  • Various display/rendering settings (wireframe, points, bbox, smooth shade, flat shade, textured, xray, wireframe on shaded, hq rendering) like in maya’s default viewport, as well as lighting settings.
  • Checkboxes for showing and hiding custom objects/elements (Grid, Cameras, HUD) as well as »isolate select« functionality.
  • Creates a camerasetup, finds existing camerasetups in the scene and automatically sets up its display.
  • Multiplayblast: Very powerful functionality to batch-create playblasts from multiple cameras (by default the six cameras currently viewed). With GUI; also works as standalone script. When used in conjunction with CubemapWindow, it automatically creates a Fusion-file which imports and saves out a stitched version of the six playblasts created.

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