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CH Framechecker (Python)

Python 3.2, Tkinter
Personal Work

In the last two years, Python has become my weapon of choice when it comes to scripting and prototyping. “You live and learn”, they say, so I wanted to deepen my Python skills by creating a tool (in my spare time) I was often longing for at work: A framechecker.

The result is called CH Framechecker and the current version is 0.3. It is very useful for checking image sequences for completeness and/or file size plausibility. The user interface offers various tools to traverse the file system and it immediately indicates existence of files and directories. It automatically detects file sequences, start and end frames, sequence length and padding as well as (of course!) missing sequence files. It can check any file or directory, is cross-platform compatible (win/unix) and has no external dependencies other than a running Python 3.2 installation (maybe I’ll create a self-contained *.exe some day). CH Framechecker provides various views and lists providing either a quick overview (Graphs & Lists Tab) or detailed information (Log Tab). The graph view allows for gamma-correcting the vertical (file size) and zooming the horizontal axis (width of 1 file). An overlay of creation-, access- and modified-dates makes it easy to identify number and size of render-junks or other time-dependent characteristics. It also comes with a History tab for going back and forth in time, as well as a Settings system which allows total customization of the tool, ranging from default behaviors to colors and fonts.

Also, the script provides a command line interface to check files or directories via a shell and provide the ability to communicate with other programs. I also created registry entries (win) and automations (mac) to integrate the script into Windows Explorer and Finder, respectively. This way, any file can be checked immediately by simply right-clicking the file and selecting CH Framechecker.

CH Framechecker is still a bit of work-in-progress, but it has already proven quite useful as a valuable addition to the default operating system views of the directory tree and file sequences in production environments.



Type: Personal Work
Idea, Concept, Design, Programming:
Claus Helfenschneider
Python 3.2, Tkinter

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