Claus Helfenschneider

Freelance 3D Artist
Direction, Design, Animation, Programming


Mbox Bewegtbild GmbH
Commissioned Work

SOLON World & Product Range Presentation

A cinematic and interactive visualisation of the entire product range for SOLON, the innovative manufacturer of solar modules. A specially designed and bespoke SOLON World shows the many possibilities that are afforded by photovoltaic plants and gives a complete overview of the entire product range.

The particular challenge was the client’s wish for us to show the complex animations in variety of different presentation settings. m box is responsible for the concept, design, and production of these films, as well as for the interactive presentation for the Internet and for trade shows, and also for the custom iPad application created for the client. Additionally, an interactive presentation application was developed for field of power stations.

Also check the SOLON flash app at

SOLON Product Film & Flash WebApp Stills


Client: SOLON SE
Production: MBox Bewegtbild

Location: Berlin

MBox: Concept, design, production, post production, programming
Format: 1920×1080 px
Technical Details:
FULL HD Production including an interactive iPad Application and an interactive Web Presentation (Flash).

All image and video footage by courtesy of Mbox Bewegtbild GmbH and SOLON SE.

MBox Project Page

My Role

This was probably the biggest and most challenging project I have been working on in 2011. Before the actual production began, my first task was to customize and deploy a site-wide Asset Management System for organizing 3D-models, -scenes, shaders, light setups et cetera, and to unify, simplify and supervise the workflow among the various artists (modellers, animators, shading artists,…) simultaneously working on the project. Another difficult challenge was to devise a simple, yet flexible workflow for referencing all the 3D models into the final scenes and to enforce consistent level-of-detail, lighting, shading and use of render passes throughout the whole project. Furthermore, I was dealing with various technical difficulties that came up during the project, e.g. to permit rendering of ultra-high-resolution geometry whilst sustaining fast 3D-viewport interaction for the artists working on the project. Besides being concerned with abstract technical issues, I also worked on the project as a 3D-Artist, doing lots of CAD-file importing, modelling and animation. I was mainly working on the solar modules themselves, as well as on the power-plant-part of the main movie and I did most of the power-plant product movies.

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