Claus Helfenschneider

Freelance 3D Artist
Direction, Design, Animation, Programming

Schindler 5500 Keyvisual Animation


Schindler 5500 Keyvisual Animation

The Schindler Group, a worldwide escalators and elevators manufacturer, addressed Mbox to create a number of promotional clips in order to advertise the Schindler 5500, a highly configurable and modular passenger lift that uniquely combines performance, flexibility and design. One of these is a 3D-animation that should present the four key features of the product, namely Space configurability, Green mobility, High-level performance and Freedom of design in a purely abstract manner. The brief was to create a seamlessly loopable animation that starts off with the product keyvisual, showing the red elevator in an abstract city setting (“Schindler 5500 Fits You”), fluidly fades through the keyvisuals of each of the four main features, and eventually ends in a long shot of an invisible city, with lots of red elevators going up and down.



Client: Schindler Deutschland AG & Co. KG
Lead Agency: ???
Art Direction:
Martin Retschitzegger
3D Animation: Claus Helfenschneider

All image and video footage by courtesy of Mbox Bewegtbild GmbH and Schindler Deutschland AG & Co. KG.

My Role

3D Animation with wide artistic freedom. As mentioned in the project description, the given brief was short and clear. The key points were elaborated into lots of drafts, which went through several approval cycles and were in turn refined to create the final animation.

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