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Websites Roundup


Here’s a collection of websites I did between 2004 (my first personal website) and 2009. I don’t do websites anymore, and the reasons are clear: Neither am I a good web-designer, nor am I interested enough in web technologies. Nevertheless, the internet is a big, big, brain-like structure a big, big, forgetful cloud, and to avoid those websites to be completely lost in its vanishing memory, some screenshots of those websites shall be kept here.

Unfortunately, my next to last personal website disappeared somewhere in the ether… Hopefully I’m going to find it again some day. relaunch


I’m happy to announce another version of Now what’s been changed? Design and site structure were redone and I switched from typo3 to WordPress for various reasons. WordPress is just a lot more convenient for small sites like this one, it’s not as bulky and over the top as typo3, it offers more elaborate blogging features and it feels a lot more 2010. Well, it’s just easier to get your head around WP if you’re not a full-time-web-guy. And I am glad I’m not! Hope you like the new site. Thanks go to WordPress and all the plugin developers!