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Procedural Animation Workshop 2011


Like in 2010, I held the “Procedural Animation” class at the University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg in October 2011. Again, the students had to create a procedural still using MEL or Python in Autodesk Maya. This year, the task was to visualize a part of the computer’s directory tree. The data was all given by the file system — file sizes, directories, files, links, file names, creation-/modification-/last-access-dates, number of files in a directory, file types, file extensions,… After one and a half days of theoretical introduction and one and a half day of actual work, the students produced great artworks, in both artistic and technical regard.

Here are some of the results:

Christian Schulze — software directory

Johannes Lindtner, Moritz Palnstorfer

Yana Andreeva, Andreas Atzlinger

Christian Holzer, Johannes Pfeifer

Markus Berger, Fabian Wolf

Thomas Heller

Manuel Wieser — Python32 directory