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Forss Ecclesia – App Launch & Release Party @ Berghain Berlin (May 2nd)


Ecclesia is the latest release of electronica artist Forss (musician and entrepreneur; co-founder of soundcloud). In collaboration with and designer Leo Lass this audio-visual album was created. Here is a sneak peek of the iPad App (see video below) and some exclusive stills of tracks #8 and #10, which I worked on a lot. I was lead programmer on the app (which also includes the event visuals), and I’m pretty proud to announce that on May 2nd there will be a big release party at the Berghain in Berlin!

forss @ soundcloud

Available in the app store soon!

Music: Forss
Visuals: Leonhard Lass (, Marcel Schobel (, Claus Helfenschneider (
Mixing: Mark Bihler
Mastering: Bo Condren (Calyx Mastering)
Organ in Dictum: Mattias Wagner
Published by: 2012

Monkeyshot #4 @Pictoplasma Berlin


Monkeyshot #4 (alias Monkeyboxes) will be screened at the Pictoplasma Festival in Berlin. I did the animation and a lot of the compositing on it. Here’s the project page.



This is one of a few clips created by individuals of the monkeymen collective:

The Monkeycrew is back on track with 5 new sweet little animations. This time around we decided to let some of our little Monkeys go wild on their own. We armed them with their most favourite toys to see what they end up with. In the future we will release more of these whenever we see fit. []

I did not ideate/direct any of the clips, I just did the 3D part on the monkeyshot#4 one. Be shure to check all of them, also the outtake#1, which I like especially.

something something big


Ever wanted to view 46.080.000 Pixels at once? Here’s our new screen-wall showing a 15K video.

And that’s me with a quite expensive (at least for home use, € 25.000+ is quite expensive) 2K Projector (unfortunately just borrowed) previewing some of the content we (m-box) produced for a client, which in fact is a renowned projector manufacturer – what a coincidence.

PP-P4#~\ @ Animated Dreams Tallinn


PP-P4#~\ is being shown at the Animated Dreams Festival in Tallinn. Skinlines, a 3D short created by Monkeymen Int is also shown in the same category, “Digital Worlds”. Monkeymen is a collective producing independent 3D clips and shorts, formed by the guys here at m-box, the place I’m working at. Actually, I’m currently doing some animation for another Monkeymen clip.

Repair / Updates


Whow, quite some time of inactivity here… Yet, stuff has happened. Alexandra and me are blogging Berlin-Updates and -Experiences on

We just came back from the ARS Electronica Festival (Tagline “Repair”), which was great this year. Be shure to check it out if you can. It was great to see Dorian Concept and James Blake there, two guys whose music I really love (former I have worked with once, latter I have taken music from for another piece of animation). David O’Reilly is about to release his new short, The External World, which I am eagerly awaiting to watch. Mount Kimbie in Session at Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide show this week, also really enjoyed this one. Seen Nosaj Thing at the Icon Club a week before, was nice too. Musicwise, so to say, everything is fine, and I’m also looking forward to some big dates in Berlin, too.

PP-P4\~# @ ARS Electronica 2010


I’m proud to announce that PP-P4#~\ made it into this years selection of the ARS Electronica Animation Festival. And, what I find cool too, is that when you search for “ARS electronica animation festival 2010” on Google, the third entry is a link to my website (the ARS trailer 2009), and the fifth is a link to David O’Reillys site, who should have been the winner of the festival in 2008 (with Please Say Something), but did just get an honorary mention. What an underestimation of his work!


Risks of Emerging Technology


To be honest, I am not a particular fan of politically or morally motivated films or documentaries. But this one, done by Alexander Piringer is really worth taking a look at. It conveyes a proper amount of information, stays quite objective (or maybe reflects my own opinion just right, hehe), includes a chronicle of sci-fi-classics (!!!), and is really nicely done, especially in consideration of the fact that it was a two man show (narrator: Remo Rauscher) without any budget at all. Fun to watch!

That’s truly a motto:

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Science Fiction Movie

Risks of Emerging Technology – Part 1
Risks of Emerging Technology – Part 2 Science Fiction
Risks of Emerging Technology – Part 3 Robotics
Risks of Emerging Technology – Part 4 Genetics

FMX 2010


Just got back from the FMX 2010 and the ITFS in Stuttgart. Had a great time, great talks and masterclasses, nice parties, and met some colleagues from Berlin as well. Looking forward to FMX 2011.

Mesmerized by the Magnum Gold TV ad I was forced to try this magical brand new alchemy-type ice cream creation. It really tastes like gold.

ARS ELECTRONICA animation festival 2009 — Trailer


In 2009 me and my colleague Alexander Piringer were asked to create a trailer for the Animation Festival accompanying the Ars Electronica Festival. The main topic was »Human Nature«, and the brief for the trailer basically was »come up with what you like« — how cool was that.

Prix Ars Electronica Animation Festival
View the Trailer
Project Page